Neighbors identify Traverse City shooting victim

Bobby Caldwell is being held at the Grand Traverse County Jail on an unrelated warrant. He is a suspect in the shooting in Traverse City Tuesday.

The victim of the shooting at the apartment complex on Three Mile and Aeropark Drive has been identified.

Neighbors say 28-year-old Monica Anderson was shot at the apartment complex around 10:30 Tuesday evening.

Neighbors also say her boyfriend, 33-year-old Bobby Caldwell, was the suspect who also sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his hand.

Neighbors sensed something wasn't quite right with Caldwell Tuesday night.

"He wanted to be around people," said neighbor Kiyomi Dupont. "We never really interacted with him that much and he came over to both our apartments that night which has never really happened before."

Police say while they have not spoken with Caldwell yet, central dispatch reported that he had called to report he had tried to commit suicide and missed, shooting Anderson.

When authorities arrived on the scene Tuesday night, Caldwell came outside with his gun, but went back inside the house and tried to escape out the back.

Another shot was fired before police were able to apprehend him.

Caldwell underwent surgery at Munson Medical Center and has been released. He is being held at the Grand Traverse County Jail on an unrelated warrant. Traverse City Police are recommending charges to the prosecutor related to the shooting incident.

The investigation is on-going.