Nesting swan sparks action by school bus drivers

Nesting swan sparks action from concerned school bus drivers

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WBPN/WGTU) - A pair of nesting swans in the middle of a construction zone is raising concern for a group of Traverse City school bus drivers.

The bus drivers say that for several years, they have passed by the pair of swans on their way to and from the bus garage near the Cass Road bridge.

They say the swans return to the spot every year to nest.

Now, they are concerned that the construction could cause the mother swan to abandon the nest and her eggs.

One of the concerned bus drivers tried to call the DNR to resolve the issue. The DNR says they can’t help because the swans are an invasive species.

“It just seems wrong to not care about living creatures,” said Sabrina Scott, a bus driver for Traverse City Area Public Schools. “Personally, I feel that we are slightly invasive because you know, that's their home and they have been there for a really long time.”

“If she stays on the nest she will be fine. If she banishes the nest, that would result in no hatching, which for us would be a desirable outcome,” said the DNR Wildlife Division Regional Supervisor Rex Ainslie. “We would not take extraordinary measures in a case like this to save that nest.”

The Boardman Dam project coordinator, Dan Devaun, says that they do not have any plans for the swan because it’s an invasive species and will defer all swan related concerns to the DNR.

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