New brewery aims to revitalize Cadillac

33 of 40 beers on tap at Clam Lake Beer Co. are made in Michigan.

Friends, family, and local businesses got a glimpse of a brand new brewery in Cadillac Thursday night.

The Clam Lake Beer Company will open its doors Friday afternoon at four. The owner wanted to be open in time for the craft beer festival in Cadillac this weekend.

The historic Shay Station has been renovated into a tap house/restaurant, introducing Cadillac to the growing microbrew culture.

â??A lot of locals have been waiting a long time for something like this in Cadillac,â?? Matt Putnam, general manager of Clam Lake Beer Company.

Owner Dan Minor said they are doing their part to develop downtown and help the economy. â??We think we're a beautiful city, very historic city, right on the lake, We're hoping to bring more tourism to Cadillac, which already has so many things to offer.â??

The building itself dates back to the 1800s. Inside the tap-house, the city's history is displayed on the walls.

â??Cadillac really has one of the largest industrial bases in Michigan,â?? said Dean Dekryger, the architect behind the renovation. â??We've got a great industrial heritage from logging to iron works, to manufacturing to flooring.â??

Not only is the tap house trying to revitalize the area locally, it is keeping the business mainly inside the state.

â??Everything was made from Grand Rapids to Traverse City, but most of it right here locally in the Cadillac area,â?? said Minor.

â??33 out of 40 taps are Michigan beers,â?? said Putnam. â??That's all stuff that's helping, maybe not so much here in Cadillac, but in our state.â??

The new business got good reviews at its soft opening party Thursday night.

â??So far the feedback is that the food is really good, they like the selection of beer. People are kind of confused by it because there are so many of them, but I think it's going to be a fun place to come,â?? said Minor.

The brewer said he wants to create a good seasonal selection of beers for both summer and winter because Cadillac tourism is strong during those seasons.

â??Everywhere I go downtown here everyone's like I can't wait to get your beers on tap,â?? said Adam Harden, the head brewer. â??So it's been nice to see people getting excited about it.â??

The company will start its own brewing within the next three or four months in the restaurantâ??s basement. The owner said they want to eventually brew on a larger scale, putting their beers on grocery store shelves.