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      New law simplifies hunting and fishing license program

      T he Michigan Department of Natural Resources will change the types of licenses it offers.

      G overnor Rick Snyder signed a new law Tuesday that will make it more convenient to purchase hunting and fishing licenses.

      T he Michigan Department of Natural Resources will change the types of licenses it offers. This law will also provide millions in revenue for DNR operations.

      I n years past , the process of getting licenses for fishing and hunting was complicated. T here were 227 different types of licenses .

      T he DNR thought that was number was excessive, so they knocked it down to 40.

      " It will just streamline the process, it will make it easier for you to go in and buy a license and not have to think about exactly what you need at that point," Lt. James Gorno, DNR Gaylord Operations Center said.

      O utdoors enthusiasts will now only need one all species fishing license, which gives you access to salmon, trout, and herring without having to buy additional tags.

      A nother change is that all hunters must now purchase a small game animal license for ten dollars. If you want to hunt bigger animals, you must pay for individual kill tags, which range in price.

      " I don't mind paying more and it sounds like we are getting more too ," Rick Cardew, hunter and fisherman said.

      T he prices for these licenses vary . S ome are going up and others down.

      According to DNR officials, t h is new law will generate 18 million dollars a year in additional revenue for the department.

      T he new money will go towards improvements for animal habitats and will help them hire additional DNR conservation officers.

      T he new law will not go into effect until March 1st, 2014. Prices under the old law will remain the same for the current hunting and fishing season.