New Niagara Falls airport terminal

If you just want to get out of town for the holidays, there's a new airline terminal to fly into.

A couple dozen dignitaries and a NewsChannel 15 crew took a trip to Niagara Falls to celebrate a new $31 million terminal.

The group left from Myrtle Beach International Airport Friday afternoon on Myrtle Beach Direct Air on the last flight into the old Niagara Falls terminal. Then, they took the first flight to Myrtle Beach out of the new terminal.

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President Brad Dean tells NewsChannel 15, "It's a great way for residents to get up to see the wonder that is Niagara Falls. The new terminal is really a large result of Direct Air, not only bringing people to the Grand Strand, but leaving the Grand Strand as well."

Myrtle Beach Direct Air has had a flight to Niagara Falls for three years.

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