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      New security technology requires more responsibility

      Making sure your home or business is secure means more than just locking your doors these days. For many people it means installing security systems with technology so advanced, you can control the security of your home right from the palm of your hand.

      But is it as safe as we think?

      Engineered Protection Systems (EPS) installs these security systems all over northwest Michigan.

      â??Ours is called Total Connect,â?? said EPS employee, Dave Triplett. â??And a large percentage of our customers use it because it gives you better direct control on your security system.â??

      Whether you forgot to lock a door, put the garage door down, or turn off a light, itâ??s now all possible to do so through a simple phone application.

      While this may make life seem easier, computer experts caution that it needs to be used with responsibility.

      â??The problem with so much of technology is, as we are still acclimating to it as a society, many of us donâ??t understand what the vulnerabilities actually are,â?? said Tim Gillen, President of Terrapin Networks, a Traverse City based business technology services provider.

      Gillen says if the wrong person gets access to your phone, they could also have access to your home.

      â??Most of us know someone, if we havenâ??t ourselves, that have lost a phone or left it at a restaurant and if all somebody has to do is walk up, swipe it to open and see some app sitting there from a security firm, they now can have access to a whole lot of stuff you may not want them to have access to,â?? said Gillen.

      EPS likes to remind customers of some basic things they can do to keep their home secure from hackers:

      • Put a password on your phone
      • Do NOT use the same password for everything
      • Do not click, â??Remember Me,â?? in the home security application to remember your username and password
      • Close out of the application after every use

      Even if someone doesnâ??t have physical access to your phone, they can still try to breach your security. Gillen says itâ??s as simple as choosing to connect through public Wi-Fi, rather than using the safer option of a 3G or 4G network.

      â??Someone with bad motives can actually â??sniffâ?? as we call it, what youâ??re doing back and forth,â?? said Gillen.

      Despite all these possibilities, EPS representatives say theyâ??ve never had a customer report that their system had been hacked. They say it can be a very safe and effective system, but users should take the necessary precautions.