New tips keeping Hurlbert case alive

Kelly Boyce Hurlbert was killed in a hit-and-run last July.

The Traverse City Police department is looking into a new tip in the still unsolved death of Kelly Boyce Hurlbert.

Police Captain Mike Ayling said the tip came from a mechanic at a garage outside the Grand Traverse area who thought a vehicle "looked suspicious." The Traverse City Police Department is looking into the vehicle further and also incorporating DNA tests.

Ayling said it can take months to get results from these tests.

Kelly Boyce Hurlbert was killed in a hit-and-run while riding her bike on Washington Street in Traverse City last July.

Other tips have surfaced in the months following but none have yet to become a substantial lead.

Ayling said he's been told by lab officials that its "unlikely there is a connection" between the tip and Hurlbert's case, but of the over 600 tips police have received regarding the incident, about 30 remain open.