New top dog at Cadillac Police Department

Sage learns to search vehicles for drugs.

The community will be introduced to the new K-9 cop in Cadillac at a fundraising event for the pup.

Sage, a nearly 2-year-old Belgium Malinois, is currently undergoing training before he is put on duty. Sage will be in training until the end of March.

Sage is the replacement for the department's long-time K-9 officer Bo, who started with the Cadillac Police Dept. in 2003. Bo was put to sleep Jan. 16 after suffering from a crippling disease.

Friday, residents are invited to meet Sage. The event will also serve as a fundraiser to help the department cover the costs of the K-9. The event will take place at the Cadillac Grill, Friday 7-10pm.

Admission to the event is $30. The goal is to raise $10,000 for Sage.

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