New waste facility could come to Antrim County

New waste facility could come to Antrim County

ANTRIM COUNTY, Mi (WPBN/WGTU) -- Antrim County is in talks with a waste management company about selling it land to build a waste collection plant on M-32.

American Waste found the ten-acre property that was going to be up for government land auction. Now it might be able to lease it from the county for a one-time payment of only about $4,200.

The piece of land sits along M-32 surrounded by mostly farmland near the intersection of US-131.

The plan is to build what's called a transfer station, a go-between for trash pickup and the actual landfill.

“The regular garbage trucks that you see going around with their compactors and such will be able to dump into that transfer station and then they have a huge compactor there which will put it into a semi-trailer and haul it on down to their landfill in Wexford County," said Antrim County Administrator Peter Garwood.

Garwood says people and businesses nearby would be able to bring their trash directly to the building as well.

“Another thing that could happen, and we’ll be talking about this with American Waste, is the possibility of establishing another recycling site there as well," Garwood said. "We don’t have one in that quadrant of the county so it would be really nice if we could do that.”

There are a handful of residential homes near the proposed site.

Some of the neighbors say they wouldn't really mind having the new plant, but one man a few lots over from the site says he's completely against it.

“The first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s a poor location," said Jerome Dobrzelewski. "It’s right on the corner of an intersection of M-32 and US-131 and it would degrade, I believe, this township.”

Jerome Dobrzelewski has lived in the area his entire life and thinks others will be concerned as well.

“I’m definitely not in favor as a constituent," Dobrzelewski said. "As I say, I was a supervisor of this township for 26 years, I believe, and we were pristine, we were happy, and I know the people in this township are not going to be happy with this. It’s going to cause some problems.”

The transfer station would be all indoors to reduce to possible noise and smell.

Peter Garwood sees the project as a win win for the county and for American Waste.

“What they get out of it is a location that’s going to really help the business in regards to making it more profitable or location-wise." Garwood said. "What we get out of it is a better tax base, another option for out residents in regards to disposing of their waste and the possibility of a recycling center.”

The county is still in early stages of this plan.

Members of the community will have the chance to give their input and ask questions before the plant is built.

The county bought the land and would be leasing it to American Waste.

American Waste would own the actual operation.

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