New Wexford jail faces funding issues, needs to hire corrections officers

WEXFORD COUNTY, Mi - The new multi-million dollar Wexford County jail is months away from housing its first inmates, but it may already have its first major hurdle.

The new jail being built in Cadillac is going to be four times larger than the current one.

According to the jail administrator, the new jail is going to take five more corrections officers to run it – meaning they need to hire.

The problem? The Wexford County commissioners say that's not in the budget.

“At this particular time, we do plan on hiring five,” Wexford County Jail Administrator, Lt. Greg Webster said. “But again, it's at the county commissioner’s level and they are going to have to approve the funds to do it. For me to tell you where they're going to get this money, I have no clue.”

The funding issue will be addressed at the next finance committee meeting.

The jail is set to open in November.

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