Nice day Wednesday...then ice, wind problems

Tonight you might see snow showers...some widely scattered light snow will develop. Also overnight...a little light rain may fall. Light amounts, but any light rain or snow will keep roads icy.

Wednesday looks pretty good. Breaks in the clouds, so some sun at times...and highs in the 30s. We've haven't seen 30s all over the temperature map since a couple back-to-back mild days in mid-January.

Thursday could be a problem. Looks like a mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. That combo will make traveling difficult. It will start in the AM and spread across northern Michigan in the afternoon. That wintry mix will last into the evening. Also Thursday night, the wind will increase.

Friday...another day with weather problems. The temperatures will fall, so the colder air will produce snow...just snow. The wind will gust to 40 mph. That is significant. Blowing, drifting snow will be the issue.