No summer heat on the horizon

While pleasant, the next week will continue to see cooler than normal temperatures.

Northern Michigan residents will settle in for an extended stretch of quiet and cooler than normal weather.

After severe weather slammed parts of the area in the early hours of Wednesday, the weather has certainly gotten a lot more quiet as high pressure crosses by Thursday.

Overall, Thursday looks fantastic with optimal temperatures in the mid-70's along with a good showing of August sunshine. The basic weather pattern that has kept Northern Michigan cooler than normal for the past couple of weeks will change very little for the foreseeable future as the upper air pattern remains blocked preventing the movement of warmer/colder air masses into the area keeping the status quo going.

For us, that means comfortable, yet cooler than normal temperatures with the area remaining mainly in the lower end of the 70's. Definitely not on the cold side by any means, but there are not even any 80's on the horizon.

As for the short term, a weak and moisture starved cold front will drop by early Friday with nothing more than a few light showers or sprinkles expected, and even with that, the better chances will be over the Eastern U.P. Thursday night/early Friday. The weekend will remain dry with lots of sun.

Monday will cloud up some as yet another in series of cold fronts slips through leading to a few passing rain showers or even a rumble or two of thunder at that time.