Northern Michigan farmers taking donations to those affected by wildfires

Photo of Nathan's trailer outside of Tractor Supply Co. ( photo)

GAYLORD, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU)-- Northern Michigan farmers are taking donations in an effort to help those affected by the devastating wildfires.

Nathan Whitney is one of the farmers taking donations. He has a trailer set up in front of the Gaylord Tractor Supply Company that he is filling with supplies.

Whitney says he's accepting donations of fencing supplies, cattle feed, animal feed, corn, sweet feed, farming supplies, monetary donations which will be used to purchase farm supplies, etc.

Whitney says he decided to collect donations once he learned how devastating the wildfires were.

"I mean, I hope somebody would step up and do the same for me," said Whitney. "I'm no where near as big of a farmer as they are, but any little bit helps. If I can gather up seven or eight thousand dollars worth of product and hall it down there, that's more than what they had."

Whitney says he will have his trailer set up at the Tractor Supply store until his trailer is full. He will then be driving the supplies to areas affected by the wildfires such as Texas, Kansas or Oklahoma.

On Saturday, organizers with the Michigan Convey group will also be accepting donations to help those affected by the wildfires.

The group will be accepting donations such as calf milk replacer, bagged feed for livestock, salt blocks, fencing supplies, hay, stray, lead ropes, etc.

The truck will be parked in the parking lot of Family Farm & Home in Clare on Saturday and depart Sunday morning at 9 a.m. The truck will take the donations to Perry, Michigan where the load will then be assorted onto more trucks to be delivered to the affected areas.

For more on the Michigan Convoy group, CLICK HERE.

The wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres of farmland in the central part of the United States. The fires have also claimed the lives six people and have forced thousands to evacuate their homes.

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