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      Northern Michigan lawmakers address education and economy

      O ver the next few weeks UpNorthLive is taking your questions straight to the people that are responsible for representing us in state government.

      W e collecte d questions from all across Michigan and played them back for our seven State Representatives.

      T he first round of your questions were for Representatives Foster, Pettalia and Schmidt.

      The first question was about education.

      Valerie Meyerson from Charlevoix County wanted to know about the future of education funding.

      "W e need to do something to change the funding source in education," Rep. Peter Pettalia responded. "It's a very complicated issue, what we have to do is change the current constitution to restructured K-12 education funding."

      Nick Carrey from Emmet County wanted to know about how our representatives plan on bringing jobs to the region.

      " We're not going to see the return of 500,000 person plants coming back to Michigan , but what we want to do and especially here in northern Michigan is make sure that that small business owner is able to hire an extra people ," Rep. Wayne Schmidt responded. "W hat we are working for is making sure those small business owners are able to thrive here in northern Michigan."

      Casey Adams in Emmet County wants to know what will be done with the state's surplus.

      " I am going to fight to make sure that we do have some tax relief for the hard-working men and women in my district and around the state," Rep. Frank Foster responded. "We have some money to work with, the important thing is it's not our money. So if are going to have potential tax cuts it really should be meaningful and should help them either reinvesting homes and economy or do whatever they think your family needs."