Northern Michigan trees take trip out west

The non-profit Archangel Tree Archive in Copemish has worked since 2009 growing young evergreen trees to preserve and replenish some of the world's largest and oldest trees.

These trees are the clones of their nearly 3,000 year old parents. They have been carefully chosen by genetic factors as well as the age of the tree itself.

"We really feel like it's important to save these genetics," said Thomas Brodhagen, a volunteer at Archangel. "They cut down 98 percent of these redwoods and they cut down the biggest ones they could find."

The project began nearly 4 years ago when organizers headed out west to collect buds off of stumps that had new growth on them.

Now the group has two hundred and fifty Redwood and Sequoia trees ready to make their way to the southern coast of Oregon.

"To be able to help them along and do that it makes you feel like somewhat of a superhero," said Corey Bigelow, a tree grower.

They'll be planted on December 4th.

Archangel is always looking to help preserve trees. If you know of a large tree in your area, you can contact Archangel by clicking here.