Northport reaping the benefits of development projects

A small village at the peak of Leelanau County is seeing a business boom.

A small village at the peak of Leelanau County is seeing a business boom.

Northport has several new developments popping up and the town is working together to make it all possible.

Many owners of local Northport businesses noted that this growth wouldn't be possible without the new sewage system that was put in, which allows them to now develop in the area.

"Northport is sort of I think the last undiscovered gem of the area," says business owner Erik Owen.

More than six new businesses have popped up in Northport this summer alone.

"It's been a good thing to see that we've had local people who actually live here invest in this community and they have all come together to produce what we have today," says the Village Council President Barbara Von Voigtlander.

Tuckerâ??s was one of the first to get the ball rolling and the owner is happy to be providing new jobs to local people.

"Right now we have 50 employees, over half of them are from Northport,â?? says Tuckerâ??s of Northport owner Ben Walraven.

The Northport Inn is going up in the middle of town, and right across the street is a new brewery.

"The day our doors opened we had a line and it's been that way ever sense," says Northport Brewery owner Scott Cain.

Some say national coverage has helped attract new tourists.

"You know you have people like Mario Batali and people like Good Morning America saying this is a great place, this is the most beautiful place in the world,â?? says Owen.

That's exactly what those in Northport hope will keep people coming back.

"You have people discover it and once they discover it they go wow this is really something"

The owners of the Northport Inn hopes for construction to be finished in September and they hope to see a younger crowd explore the area.

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