Numbers do not lie it is a colder spring

While much cooler than last spring, the higher sun angle is taking its toll on the snowpack across Northern Michigan

Many of us certainly know that this spring has been a lot colder that last year, but the numbers so far proving that fact are amazing.

As an example, last year by today's date, Pellston in Emmet County already had 20 days where the temperature had shot over the 50F degree mark including a couple of 80F+ days! By comparison, we've only had one day where the temperature has reached 50F at Pellston so far in 2013, making that 19 less times than last year.

The same goes for Traverse City where last year they reached 50F or more 22 times by today's date, and so far this year, only once. Of course, last year's March and early April temperatures were much more of an anomaly.

The numbers for March are in and all of the five climate stations across Northern Michigan, Traverse City, Gaylord, Houghton Lake, Alpena, and Sault Ste. Marie came in with below normal temperatures for the month. When you compare March of 2012 to this March, we are between 12-18 degrees colder this year which is about as stark a contrast as you can get from one year to the next.

Looking forward, sunshine will dominate Wednesday with a weak cold front dropping across the region Thursday. That will keep a few rain and/or snow showers in the forecast for tomorrow. Highs today in the 30's with 40's Thursday.