Numbers reveal a cool and very wet spring

The numbers are in. Spring was cooler and much wetter than normal across Northern Michigan.

With meteorological spring in the books, you would be correct in thinking that it was a wetter and cooler spring as the numbers bear that out.

Meteorological spring includes the months of March, April, and May. Spring started off cooler than normal which was a trend that developed mid-winter. May led to some recovery in the temperatures, but most locations came in a couple of degrees below normal when you average the entire spring out.

It was a little bit different with rainfall as a very wet April and May punctuated by occasional storms and rounds of moderate to heavy rain boosted up the numbers. Traverse City ended up with their 3rd wettest spring on record tallying 11.59" over those three months coming in +3.88" which again, is good enough for 3rd wettest of that three month period. The wettest spring at Traverse City was in 1942 when 15.70" of rain fell. Gaylord recorded their 4th wettest spring season with 11.50" of rain/melted snow which is a good +3.62" above the normal of 7.88".

The rain was plentiful elsewhere too, including the Lake Superior watershed as Lake Superior rose 9" in the month of May, the second biggest gain in May on that lake since 1918. For more information on increase in lake levels, click here.

Looking forward, the Climate Prediction Center places Northern Michigan in an area where above normal temperatures are expected heading into summer with near normal amounts of rainfall.