Numbers reveal a drier than normal summer

Since the beginning of June, much of Northern Michigan is running below normal in rainfall.

Cooler and drier weather returns until at least early Friday before another round of rain sweeps in.

While there have been a few rounds of showers and thunderstorms, much of Northern Michigan continues to see a drier than normal summer with our southern counties faring the worst.

One place that has seen above normal rainfall since the beginning of June is Sault Ste. Marie where thunderstorms have helped boost totals there to 5.62" which is above the normal level of 4.75".

Alpena has seen 3.27" of rainfall since June 1st, coming in 1.63" short of the normal 4.90" that is average so far for June and July.

Traverse City got lucky Monday night as a quick hitting thunderstorm dropped 1.13" of rain in a little over an hour. That helped raise the rain total since June 1st to 3.62". That is still almost two inches (1.75") short of the normal 5.37". Without Monday night's rain, it would be a lot worse.

Faring the worst off is Houghton Lake where only a meager 1.92" of rain has fallen since the beginning of June. Normal rainfall there from June 1st up through today is 5.08", leaving a deficit of 3.16".

As is the case in summer, rains are not dispersed evenly with some spots getting much more than others. A cold front Friday will bring more of a widespread light rain to Northern Michigan.