Onaway factory branches out and adds jobs

M oran Iron Works is branching out, expanding their operation and adding dozens of jobs thanks to a unique partnership. Moran is working with the largest naval defense contractor in the world, and now they are able to take on large scale shipbuilding projects.

S o far they have added 50 jobs. By the end of 2015, they will double their workforce from about 90 people up to about 200. That will allow them to take on multi-million dollar projects.

"I n years past we've turned down fifty and hundred million dollar projects not even quoting them because we just weren't at the capacity," Founder and Owner Tom Moran said.

T heir new partnership with alabama based BAE Systems Southeast Shipyard has allowed them to look to new avenues of production.

" A lot of our market right now is green house gas reduction, pollution control and mining and coring, we'd like to get into more marine work, maybe some defense work, but mostly marine work and offshore work ," Moran said.

M oran Iron Works is helping BAE make their products more energy efficient through steel fabrication and in return they are learning how to build more marine based products. They believe that the company's location in Northern Michigan is perfect to take on this type of work. With the Great Lakes surrounding the state, they know it won't be long before they add plenty of new products.

" It's going to allow us to bring on a new type of job that will allow for hiring more people in our area, keeping our productivity up and keeping our company growing," Moran Iron Works Sales Manager Jim Badgero said.

A s the company grows they hope the relationship will also grow and even though they are not nearly as large as BAE, they are a much bigger now because of this new connection.

" We are obviously a small peanuts compared to BAE corporation but we still have something to offer and they have something to offer us, so it turned out to be a great combination for us," Badgero said.