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      One dead in late night apartment fire

      One man is dead after an apartment building in Ludington caught fire late Wednesday night.

      Fire crews were called to the multi-family two story apartment building at 506 S. George St. in Ludington around 11 p.m. Officers were unable to get into the only access door to the upstairs apartment due to the intensity of the fire.

      "They were unable to do so due to the amount of smoke present at the door and they also reported a wall of flames just inside the apartment," said Ludington Police Capt. Michael Harrie. "They weren't able to make any verbal contact with the victim and weren't able to go any further."

      After Ludington Fire Department crews arrived and were able to extinguish the fire enough for entry, they were able to get inside. They found 45-year-old Timothy Clayton Mohr dead in the apartment.

      Officials say the fire started on the couch in the living room. The cause of the fire is "undetermined" but Sgt. Trevor Slater of Michigan State Police Fire says they are "unable to rule out careless smoking."

      Slater says crews found cigarette butts underneath the couch. Witnesses say Mohr used the couch as a bed as well.

      After an autopsy, the cause of death was ruled to be smoke inhalation.