One of coldest late February's in recent history about to arrive

The cold keeps coming with another round this week with highs struggling to get to 5F Thursday.

One of the coldest late February's in recent memory is on the way with record shattering cold that will peak Thursday/Thursday night before a little moderation this weekend.

We've been talking about it, and it's on the way with the core of the coldest air analyzed right now over Northern Hudson Bay. This will sink south towards the Great Lakes with daytime highs across much of Northern Michigan staying in the single digits and almost all areas plunging well below zero at night. The coldest time frame will be Thursday with some places not getting much above zero in the afternoon hours and then Thursday night, when temperatures will fall in the -10F to -25F range. As a comparison, the normal daytime high temperature range across Northern Michigan this time of year is between 28F-33F with normal lows in the 12F-16F range. To put it simply, most of us will average out around 30 degrees below normal Thursday. Surrounding that Wednesday and then Friday into the start of the weekend, temperatures will struggle to get to 10F in the afternoon.

There will also be a couple rounds of mainly light snow. One Tuesday along a very weak frontal boundary with light snow showers possible. A little better chance of snow will fall Wednesday evening as the leading edge of the coldest air arrives. Winds will pick up as well with some blowing snow forecasted.

Temperatures will remain below normal, but at least get back to 20F by next Monday.