Parents express concerns about new principal policy changes

Kalkaska High School

KALKASKA COUNTY (WPBN/WGTU) -- On Wednesday night, there was a meeting at Kalkaska High School where parents had the opportunity to address some concerns they had with policy changes for the new school year.

We were informed by parents about some changes the new high school principal Chuck Sorentino was making, including a stricter dress code, phone policy and 'closed campus rule.'

Principal Sorentino would not allow us in the meeting, but we spoke with some parents beforehand.

"We had an email that was sent out on August 16 specifying new changes including a new dress code," said Rhonda Dostal, mother of a senior student. "That's what I'm specifically here today for."

Here is a link to a list of the new dress code requirements.

The one Dostal was most concerned about was the "No mutilated or vulgar designs," which includes ripped jeans like the ones her daughter purchased for the new school year.

"I'm just a little concerned about that because they are very tasteful," said Dostal. "I just wanted to know his reasoning behind it."

Another mom I spoke with said she was there to better understand the 'closed campus rule.'

"I'm a full-time single mom and I work a lot and I can't come and have lunch with my kid anymore, bring her lunch, take her out to lunch," said Heather Henninger, a mother of three high school students. "If we take them out to lunch we have to take them home afterwards."

Before the meeting started we asked Principal Sorentino if he could do an interview about what to expect in the meeting and he refused.

Later we tried asking him if he would talk after the meeting and he said he wouldn't be available.

We waited outside during the meeting and spoke with some of the parents again about how it went.

One mom of a senior student left the meeting about 15 minutes in and said the principal was being condescending to the parents.

When the meeting finished, other parents said the principal addressed many of the concerns and came to some compromises.

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