Pet survives mysterious attack

Walters says Pippa had to have put up a good fight to be able to get away from whatever attacked her.

A family pet is recovering from serious injuries after the dogâ??s owners say it was attacked by an owl.

It happened around 4:30 Thursday morning when the dog was let out to go the bathroom.

Pippa the two-year-old Chihuahua was on the porch one second, the next, she was gone.

â??My mom ran out in her pajamas because it's 4:30 in the morning and she could hear her yelping,â?? recalled Forest Walters. â??She couldn't figure out where was coming from and it wasn't coming from the ground it was coming from the air.â??

Walters says Pippa was scooped up by an owl and dropped at the top of a hill about 200 feet away. They found her there covered in blood, with multiple puncture wounds.

They immediately took Pippa to Bay Area Pet Hospital, thankful for their 24-hour services.

â??There was no other option she wouldn't have made it otherwise,â?? said Walters.

Although she fell, Pippa didnâ??t show signs of other injuries beside the puncture wounds.

â??We did the x-rays and she didn't have a single broken bone, so we're really lucky there.â??

Walters says Pippa had to have put up a good fight to be able to get away from whatever attacked her. That effort has left her uncharacteristically mellow.

â??She's only five pounds, but she's feisty. I think she gave all the fight she had in her to that owl. I'm just glad that she made it.â??

Pippaâ??s veterinarian at Bay Area Pet Hospital says Pippa should make a full recovery.

The veterinarian says she doesnâ??t see cases like this very often, but they do happen.

She encourages pet owners to keep an eye on small pets while they are outside, or keep them on a leash. Sending them out with a bigger animal can also help fend off predators.

Walters said he never thought something like this could happen. His younger brother had mentioned his fear of hawks attacking Pippa during the day.

â??We laughed it off, but now that she was swooped up by an owl, that completely validates all of his concerns. There's no way she's going outside ever again without one of us or a leash.â??

is still pretty shaken up and has some puncture wounds.