Petoskey family vanishes into thin air

Timothy and Sabrina Medsker vanished with their 4-month-old son Joshua without any warning.

Update: Just after 1 pm this afternoon the Petoskey Department of Public Safety received information that Timothy and Sabrina Medsker and their 4-month old son Joshua are safe.

The Petoskey Department of Public Safety tells me the past three weeks have been bizarre. A family seemingly up and gone, disappeared with their four-month old child, no clue of why they left or where they went, family received a call Wednesday, and apparently, the family is fine.

Tim Medsker, his wife Sabrina, and their four-month old child Joshua were last heard from on February 16th. The family told me nothing seemed out of the ordinary that day when they talked with the couple, but a week later, phone calls to Tim went straight to voicemail and the Medskerâ??s home was empty.

"It was very unusual, it was very scary and frustrating to the family," says Petoskey Department of Public Safety Director John Calabrese.

The shades are pulled at the Medsker home in Downtown Petoskey and several security cameras in windows appear to be keeping watch. Police say they think the family was spooked for some reason and left in a hurry.

When police finally got the search warrant to go inside, they seized computers and paperwork to try to get an idea of where they went. They also noticed something disturbing, as it didn't look like the family planned to be gone for long.

Food in the cupboard, clothes in the drawers, and not much seemed to be taken.

"That's what concerned us. There really was nothing that pointed to any particular reason why they'd leave, and to just disappear like that without letting nobody know where you are is unusual but whatever their reasons they are, that's personal, and up to them," says Calabrese.

But Wednesday afternoon, police say Tim and Sabrina finally contacted their family and told them where they were and that they were safe.

â??Everybody can put their fears to rest," says Calabrese.

But while police consider the case closed, it closes with a lot of unanswered questions that for at least today, the family is unwilling to talk about.

More Information:

Timothy and Sabrina Medsker vanished with their 4-month-old son Joshua without any warning. They were last seen at a birthday party for their niece and their last phone call was placed on Feb. 16. When police searched their home they say nothing was out of place, including clothing, food, computers and paperwork. The family owns a successful cleaning business in Petoskey, but police say it appears the Medskers left by choice. Relatives say there has to be more to the story. At this point, Petoskey Police say they just want to check on the family's well being at the request of relatives.

Wednesday the Medsker family was featured on Good Morning America. "This is 100 percent out of character and very concerning," said Kelly Manthei, Timothy Medsker's sister.