Petoskey murder case moves forward

Carol Kopenkoskey will soon know if her case will go to trial.

Kopenkoskey was arrested at the beginning of January for the premeditated murder her husband Lyle.

She is scheduled to stand before a judge next week to determine if her case will carry on.

Emmet County Prosecutor Jim Linderman tells 7&4 news that written closing arguments from both sides have been submitted for the pre-liminary examination.

The Prosecutor's argument recommends that the case goes to trial based on what they called strong testimonial evidence.

The defendant argues that there is not enough physical evidence to continue this case any further.

Lyle Kopenkoskey was found dead on October 2 on Kiebel Road in Emmet County.

Initial police reports show that that during searches of the Kopenkoskey home, deputies found an empty .38 caliber pistol case. Forensic experts believe the five bullets that killed Lyle Kopenkoskey may have come from a .38 caliber gun.

Investigators also found numerous books on committing murder and cleaning up crime scenes in Carol Kopekoskey's possession.

Initial interviews also revealed that it was likely that Carol Kopekoskey was having an affair with a business partner.

Carol Kopenkoskey has been out on bond with restrictions since January 21st.

She will appear in court for the conclusion of her pre-liminary examination on February 13th.