Petoskey woman arrested for premeditated murder of her husband

An arrest has been in connection with the death of Lyle Kopenkoskey of Petoskey, Sheriff Pete Wallin says.

Carol Ann Kopenkoskey was arrested for the premeditated murder of her 58-year-old husband.

Court documents show that during searches of the Kopenkoskey home, deputies found an empty .38 caliber pistol case. Autopsey reports show that the five bullets that killed Kopekoskey were all .38 caliber.

Investigators also found numerous books on committing murder and cleaning up crime scenes in Kopekoskey's possession.

Interviews also revealed that it was likely that Carol Kopekoskey was having an affair with a business partner.

Reports also state that she tried to withdraw $100,000 worth of insurance claims only a short period after he died.

Lyle Kopenkoskey was found dead on October 2 on Kiebel Road in Emmet County.

His wife, Carol, was taken into custody on January 2nd and remains in the Emmet County Jail.

She was denied bail and will be in court again for a pre-liminary trial on January 14th.