Plane makes emergency landing on ice near Mackinac Island

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing on the ice near Mackinac Island Monday morning.

A plane had to make an emergency landing on the ice of Lake Huron near Mackinac Island Monday morning.

According to the Michigan State Police, Great Lakes Air reported one of their pilots making the landing around 8:40 a.m. Monday.

An investigation is showing the single engine Piper plane was carrying six passengers and the 29-year-old pilot.

The pilot reported the plane's engine quit. He was able to re-start it, but it quit again. The pilot then landed on the ice to avoid taking further chances.

"One passenger said the pilot did a fantastic job, didn't panic, went through the emergency procedures, and when that didn't work said ok I'm going to set her down on the ice and did so and it was a very good outcome," Fredrick Strich, MSP St. Ignace Post Trooper said.

The passengers were taken to Mackinac Island by snowmobile. Great Lakes Air is making arrangements to have the plane towed off the ice.

"There appears to be no damage whatsoever, no injury, actually one of the passengers said it was the softest landing he ever had, was even smoother than a runway," Strich said.

The situation remains under investigation.