Platte River rising once again

Crews on the Platte River are preparing to break up the ice using wind boats.

Officials are closely monitoring portions of the Platte River in Benzie County today as there have been recent jumps in the water level, most likely caused by ice jams.

The recent cold is causing a quick increase in ice formation on area lakes/rivers. As that ice forms and with swift moving waters on area rivers, sections can break off and create jams leading to a backup of water.

The Platte River gauge at US-31 at the bridge in Honor has shown another rise in water levels Wednesday night into Thursday morning with the last reading of the river at 3.67-ft as of Thursday morning. The river much of the winter has been running at 1.15-ft. If the river gets to 4.5-ft., the National Weather Service would issue a Flood Warning and possible evacuations would begin for homeowners along the river. Again, this would most likely be due to water backing up behind an ice jam.

7&4's Meghan Morelli is on the scene with crews as they are about to break up the ice with wind boats.

We will continue to monitor the river. Of course, if any Flood Warnings are issued, 7&4 News will update you immediately.