Police continue search for armed and dangerous escaped inmate

UPDATE: Robinson has still not been found, but law enforcement has recently loosened the perimeter and opened the flow of traffic along South Maple Valley Road and M-55. Officers are continuing their search efforts, however.

The intensive search within the wooded areas have been relaxed, but investigative teams have been placed on high alert. In the even of a credible tip, the Emergency Response Teams will be immediately activated.

Officers will continue extensive patrol in the areas both on foot and in vehicles. Officers will be making contact with residents in the area to discuss safety issues and keep the residents informed of the increased police presence.

In addition, detectives from multiple law enforcement agencies are working to follow up on any tips that come in during the investigation.

Citizens are reminded the Robinson is considered armed and dangerous and should not be confronted. Law enforcement is asking that citizens immediately contact emergency dispatch for highly suspicious people near their home. Those who are not in immediate danger, but believe they have information that will assist officers in locating the fugitive are asked to use the tips lines: (877) 616-4677 and (855) 642-4847.

Robinson was sentenced in 2002 for Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Penetration. He served time in prison and was discharged from the prison system on July 15, 2011. As a part of his sentencing he does have to register as a sex offender for life.

He was last seen in the south eastern portion of Roscommon County.


The search is on for an armed and dangerous inmate who escaped while being transported from Arenac County to Roscommon County.

Everett Allan Robinson is was being held on charges of home invasion in the Roscommon County Jail, and was being transported for a court appearance in Arenac County. The Arenac Sheriff said that while he was being transported,he reached through the bars in the vehicle and got into a struggle with the deputy. He took the deputy's gun and drove the vehicle for a short distance before escaping on foot. The cruiser was found off of M-55 near I-75.

Robinson is a white male, standing at 5 feet 9 inches, 220 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing orange clothing.

Several groups are involved with the search, including a State Police helicopter, DNR plane, four search dogs, emergency response teams and the Roscommon Sheriff's Department, They have closed off roads from M-157 to M-55 and from M-55 to I-75. Officers are only letting people in the area for medical reasons and cars leaving the area are being checked by officers.

Houghton Lakes Schools were on a "soft lockdown" today, keeping the building locked with students inside, but allowing the students to go about their scheduled activities.

Investigators believe that the suspect is in the wooded portion of the blocked off area. The area is very densely wooded and swampy.

You can read the press release from the County of Roscommon Office of Sheriff by clicking here