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      Police search for hit and run driver involved in deadly crash

      Police are searching for a driver who hit and killed 29 year old Kelly Ann Boyce while she was riding her bicycle. Investigators say the victim was hit by the vehicle and dragged more than 1 1/2 blocks to where she was found.

      Boyce was found lying near the south alleyway of the 700 Block of Washington Street just before 2am Friday. Officers say the 29-year-old was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

      Witnesses describe the vehicle that struck Boyce as being a dark colored SUV or Pickup Truck.

      Accident Investigators, working through the morning, have determined that Boyce was traveling on her bicycle in the 600 Block of Washington Street eastbound on the south side of the Washington Street, within 12â?? of the curb when she was struck by a vehicle traveling the same direction.

      "Traveling with the flow of traffic on the south side, near the curb, everything we expect our bicyclists to do that use the streets within the city," said Capt. Brian Heffner, of the Traverse City Police.

      Police say it appears that the suspect's vehicle left the main travel lane portion of the roadway and entered the side designated â??parkingâ?? lane in which Boyce was traveling and struck her from behind. Boyce's bicycle was thrown at the point of impact onto the lawn and she became entangled with the vehicle that struck her. It appears that Boyce was then dragged for 1 1/2 blocks to the area where she was discovered by officers.

      "Obviously traumatic injuries," said Capt. Heffner. "She was transported to Munson Medical Center where she was pronounced dead."

      The Traverse City Police Department is asking that anyone with information on this incident contact them. If anyone is aware of anybody they know who may have been traveling on or near Washington Street early Friday morning at or around 1:50 AM to call police as they may be witness to information, although insignificant to them at the time, it may be very important to the investigation.

      "We truly believe that somebody out there in the TC area knows who this individual is who's responsible for this death," said Heffner.

      The Detectives assigned to the case can be reached at 231-995-5152 or you may remain anonymous by calling 231-947-TIPS (8477)