Police searching for man who tried to abduct teenage girl

Police say the suspect is considered "older" with a "wrinkley face" and is described to walk with a limp. He was also wearing dark gloves.


UPDATE: Police are searching the front part of the State Park near US-31 after receiving further information from the victim, according to the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office. Stick with 7&4 for the latest details.


Deputies and canine units are searching for a man who tried to abduct a teenage girl on the TART Trail in Grand Traverse County.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office says the incident happened before noon on the TART Trail near 3 mile Road and Parsons Road. The victim ran through the back entrance of the Traverse City State Park. Canine units are searching the back area of the State Park through the TART Trail.

Authorities from the GT County Sheriff's Office say the young victim bit the suspect on the left arm as she fought to get away.

The suspect is 5'10-6' with light hair, wearing jeans and a grey shirt. He also has a bite mark on his left arm.

7&4 is on the scene and will update the story as details emerge.