Police working on dig in backyard of Central Lake home

Police are working on a dig in the backyard of a home just outside Central Lake

Police spent Tuesday working on a dig in the backyard of a home just outside Central Lake.

The home, a trailer, is located just north of Central Lake on M-88 or North Main Street.

Central Lake Police said this summer they received information that something went on in the basement of a house that used to be where a trailer is now. The tip said that a baby was buried in that basement.

The house was burned in a controlled burn in 1988, before the trailer was put there.

Prosecutors said if there is a crime, it happened in 1978.

"What we're dealing with today is trying to establish what happened decades ago versus what's available today to not only investigate but to actually look at," said Scott Barrett, Central Lake Police Chief.

Police would not confirm if they found anything in the search Tuesday, but did say that the search at that location was done. The case, however, is not closed, the prosecutor said.

The home was owned by a woman named Clarabelle Loper, but she will not make any comment about whether that family is related to this invesitgation or crime.