Potentially poisoned cat food kills animals

Two animals have died after eating cat food that was placed in downtown Beulah.

Two animals have died after eating cat food that was placed in downtown Beulah. Police believe someone may be trying to control the feral cat population.

â??Everybody loved her nobody had any complaints of her being around lots of dog friends around the town,â?? said Madeline Mummey.

Mummey and her mom Alice operate the Inn at Beulah Beach. Their dog Honey was a mascot for the Inn, but died Saturday night after eating potentially poisoned cat food.

â??We have never seen someone in a populated neighborhood try to do something like this,â?? said Jamie Croel, Benzie County Animal Control Officer.

The Benzie County Sheriffâ??s Office is investigating and suspects someone intentionally poisoned the food to kill off feral cats in the area.

â??According to the animal laws this could be an intentional maiming torturing or killing of an animal which is against the law and could be a felony which includes fines, fees and possible imprisonment,â?? said Croel.

Mummey posted signs around town to make sure no one else loses a pet.

â??It could've been a cat, could've been a dog, it could of been even like a small child and gotten the poison,â?? said Mummey. Weâ??re just trying to let everybody know that it's happening and everyone be aware and let whosever doing it know that it did have unintended consequences you want them to take responsibility for their actions.â??

But they are trying to make the best out of the situation, by taking in the kittens of the feral cat that also died from eating the food.

â??We just want to at least keep them safe and get them food and all that because they don't have a momma to do that and it would be nice to keep one so honey isn't completely gone,â?? said Mummey. â??So she at least died for something, her little legacy, yes her legacy.â??

Mummey plans on giving the other two kittens to her vet once they are old enough, so she can find loving homes.

Police believe all of the cat food has been thrown away, but still warn people to keep their animals on a leash and stay on public walkways when walking their animals.