Power? Next Friday for some NE Michigan residents

â??This just made us go and get one, so we should be fine," says Jane Fisher, who purchased a generator Monday.

Jane Fisher and her husband Kelly live in a rural area just outside of Indian River and they hope a generator does the trick. Theyâ??ve been without power since Friday night, relying on their winter coats, a fire place, family, and a hotel room to keep them warm.

â??We estimate that outages will likely extend through next week, possibly Friday, March 9th," says a recording when they call Presque Isle Electric and Gas Cooperative.

Their home is 45 degrees and their power provider, Presque Isle Electric and Gas Cooperative, can't tell them when power will be back.

â??All my frozen food is outside, in coolers, I filled my bathtub up with water so we can flush, I have a gas stove so we can cook, so we're, you've got to be savvy, and you got to do what you got to do," says Jane.

The Fisher's aren't alone. About half of the PIE&G Cooperative customers lost power. So far, they've restored about half of that number that lost power. The problem now is the rural areas and getting back to the lines.

"Truly, we've been working around the clock and we will continue to do so to get everyone back as soon as possible," says Maire Chagnon-Hazelman of PIE&G.

More than a dozen line workers are out trying to restore electricity to about 8200 in nine counties still without it. Theyâ??ve called in backups, expecting help from the UP Monday night.

â??Our line workers right now have some huge challenges ahead of them. Not only is there a foot of snow on the ground, but they have to cut their way through frozen and downed trees and lines to get to the problem areas and get their equipment in there," says Chagnon-Hazelman.

In fact, the cooperative has relied on snowmobiles and chainsaws to get back to several of the downed lines. The main goal right now is to fix the outages that affect the most people. And for some families, like the Fishers, they say that just means they'll have to wait.