Powerful Women Series: Lauri Brockmiller

Lauri teaches classes at her gym in the Grand Traverse Commons.

Eight years ago, Lauri Brockmiller was frustrated. She had been trying so hard to get to the top of the local cycling scene, but no matter what she did, she couldn't seem to get faster.

So she hired a coach, mixed in her own knowledge and created her own program.

Brockmiller Elite Endurance combines Lauri's background as a personal trainer with her love of biking.

"When you're in here and you're with a group, and the music's going, the fan's going, everybody wants to make their numbers… and it's contagious."

Lauri does classes in her gym at the Grand Traverse Commons.

"It's high intensity interval workouts, the super structured workouts that I measure workload using a power meter and the output," Lauri said. "It makes it super efficient".

Each bike has a power meter and a heart rate monitor, and each athlete has a training log.

"At the beginning of the season we may do a similar workout to the end of the season," she said. "I can show them how they made progress, and if they didn't we can look back and maybe see why."

It's her own creation, deeply focused on results, and making her athletes' days a little bit brighter.

"When you're a mom, it's like dinner's never quite right or the house is never quite clean enough or you just didn't get enough done," Lauri said. "But if you can go out on your bike and just have a great ride and feel like you kicked butt, it energizes you."

You can read more about Lauri Brockmiller's journey in the latest edition of Grand Traverse Woman Magazine.

For more information about Brockmiller Elite Endurance, click here.

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