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      Propane leak blamed for deadly home explosion

      T here are new developments tonight in the investigation of a home explosion that rattled a northern Michigan community.

      T he deadly blast happened Monday morning on Drummond Island.

      "I t was raining shingles and chunks of plywood ," Thomas Ellis, Drummond Island safety officer said.

      T his neighborhood became an unusually dangerous scene after this home exploded around nine in the morning.

      T he blast shook the island and few knew what was going on.

      "E verybody assumed it was a quarry blast until a lot of people realize the blasting crew isn't back yet ," Ellis explained.

      B ut they soon realized something was wrong.

      "I could see a large cloud of black smoke coming from the island ," Trooper Patrick Baldwin, Michigan State Police investigator said.

      F irst responders rushed to the home and found the area on fire and heard a hiss coming from the propane tank.

      W hich makes investigators believe that was the main reason the home exploded.

      They think propane might have leaked into the basement and was ignited by a pilot light.

      Investigators are now looking for where the explosion happened in the house and they are doing an autopsy to identify the body.