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      Prosecutor: No wrong-doing by police in chase that led to 29-year-old's death

      The Cheboygan County Prosecutor has declared that there was no wrong-doing by the Tuscarora Township Police in the chase that led to the death of a 29-year-old.

      In early October, Benjamin Bunker, 29, led police on a chase that the prosecutor said stemmed from authorities trying to stop Bunker in his truck for speeding.

      The prosecutor said the report showed Bunker refused to stop, so the officers pursued him towards the intersection of Club Road and White Road in Cheboygan County.

      "Bunker's driving speed posed a serious risk of harm to the public and both vehicles traveled at high speeds," said Daryl Vizina, Prosecuting Attorney. "It is my conclusion that the officers were justified in attempting to keep visual contact with Bunker's vehicle for investigative and public safety purposes."

      According to the report, Bunker had a blood-alcohol level of .24, which is three times the legal limit.

      The report estimates Bunker was traveling between 75-78 miles per hour at the time of the crash. He was not wearing a seatbelt.

      The cause of death was determined to be "massive head and chest trauma" which resulted from the crash.