Protecting your vacation investment

As the kids head back to school, you might want to start planning your next vacation.

Fall can be the perfect time to save money on a Caribbean cruise.

There are a lot of great deals on cruise lines right now. They are trying to make sure that every one of their ships goes out full. They have zero tolerance for empty ships, so you will get some deals at this time of year, said Bonnie Pintozzi, Passageways Travel.

But good deals won't protect you from Mother Nature.

Hurricane season is in full swing and the only way to protect your vacation investment is travel insurance.

You have to make sure you take out the right insurance|now once a storm has been named you can't take the insurance out for a hurricane, so you have to pre-prepare for that. Once it TMs named you are out of luck on that one. Trip cancellation won't necessarily cover that, said Pintozzi.

Watch our Fact Finder above to find out more about protecting your travel investments.

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