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      Pumpkin patches growing strong for fall

      P umpkin patches are beginning to turn orange and farmers are predicting a positive outlook for the rest of the growing season.

      " The crop looks good , but in general I think were little bit smaller than last year ," Jimmy Spencer, Pond Hill Farms Owner said.

      S o far the crops outlook is positive. At Jacob's Farm in Grand Traverse County, farmers say this summer's weather has created an excellent crop.

      " What you want is ample and not excessive moisture and you want warm temperatures to set the fruit and we've had that ," Steve Fouch, Jacob's Farm Owner said.

      B oth farmers say that prices likely will not go up , but they believe the demand will due to an increased popularity in pumpkin flavored products.

      " For those of us who really love fall , that pumpkin taste and pumpkin smell you know really is just something you only get one time a year," Spencer said.

      A nd even though it's not officially fall , visitors to the farms say it's ok to get the season started early.

      " They just make me smile I think they're great just make you want to touch them , maybe sit on one ," Annie Gustavson, Pond Hill Farms customer said. "It brings back a lot of fond memories from my childhood ."

      U-pick pumpkin patches will likely be open to the public at the end of September.