Questions surround trail after deadly accident

      It has only been a few days since 58-year-old Daniel Adams of Petoskey was killed along the newest Emmet County bike path and questions are swirling around the safety of the trail.


      Emmet County Road Commission says the cyclists killed last Thursday on the new Petoskey to Alanson trail should have never been riding on the path.

      Daniel Adams of Petoskey was struck and killed by a car when he crossed over South Luce Street in Oden. But we are now learning that the path was not yet open to the public and Adams and other cyclists may not have known that.


      I have noticed an increase in bike traffic even though the path is not technically finished

      " Oden resident Daniel Russell said.


      ou would never be able to tell that
      the Emmet County bike trail is closed to the public.


      yclists have been using the
      Petoskey to Alanson path since it was freshly paved just weeks ago. But it was the death of Adams that now has the Road Commission looking for ways warn people to stay off the path.


      We have barricaded some of our main primary roads



      ut some of the lesser roads we don't any barricades up indicating that the trail


      still closed

      ," Road Commission Manager Brian Gutowski explained.


      s of right now


      there are only a few barricades up and some have even been moved off the path so cyclists can still get through.


      nd in many of the small neighborhoods


      there is nothing warning people to stay off the trail.


      We are talking to the contractor today and hopefully the signs will be
      up very shortly," Gutowski said.


      Emmet County Road Commission is now looking to possibly block off all entrances to the path, but some believe that won't keep people from exploring the new trail.


      The signs would be nice


      but the path is going to be used anyways

      ," Oden resident Dave Gerathy said.


      ost people are going to ignore them


      so I think it is on the users to exercise caution



      ight now there are no stop signs along the path either

      warning cyclists that they are approaching a public road.
      Investigators say the man killed on July 4th, rode right into the path of an oncoming car.


      We do put stop signs up at her intersections


      but that will be the last thing to actually happen


      because we have a great big paving
      equipment that will still be on that trail, so the stop signs will be the last thing that we put in," Gutowski said.


      says the path could be done as soon as the end of next week