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      Ranch says goodbye to rescue horse

      The Peace Ranch said goodbye to one of its rescue horses, Knight, this week after an injury to his spinal cord.

      After a three day battle, Knight was euthanized Tuesday afternoon. Even though he was still responsive moments before being put down, veterinarians knew it was time to release him.

      Peace Ranch Director Jackie Kaschel asked if Knight could have a later time, but veterinarians responded saying it would be cruel to make him wait.

      During Knight's three day battle, volunteers, some staying around the clock, joined together in an effort to help keep Knight safe and as comfortable as possible in his finals days.

      Those three days focused on people helping Knight, but many volunteers spoke on how much Knight actually helped them.

      Some said he was the connection for people at the ranch, and even though Knight is no longer a member of the herd, his legacy still lives on in the hearts he touched.

      â??I envision Knight now galloping in a field of wild flowers,â?? said Lilean Sedlacek, Peace Ranch instructor and volunteer. â??When I hear thunder, I'm going to think of Knight. He was a true, majestic animal that served humans in an unbelievable way.â??

      Peace Ranch is a non-profit, horse assisted rehabilitation center in Traverse City that uses horses to help adults, families and children.For more information about Knight's story and information on the Peace Ranch, go to