Record flooding ongoing with near record cold Tuesday night

Record flooding on some area rivers will peak Tuesday and then start to subside.

With record flooding ongoing across parts of Northern Michigan, many of us woke up to a coating of snow as winter like weather returns for a couple of days.

Several rivers including the Manistee, Muskegon and Au Sable are running at record high levels Tuesday morning and will most likely peak midday Tuesday before they gradually fall the remainder of the week.

As noted in our newscasts and online, several homes have flooded and have water surrounding them near some of these rivers. There have also been a multitude of road closings across the area. The good news in all of this is that no more significant rain is in the forecast for the rest of this week, allowing river levels to fall. There has also been some extensive lowland flooding in some counties which also will recede.

The other story is the sharp return of cold temperatures to Northern Michigan. Daytime highs on brisk northwest winds Tuesday will fall short of 30F for most of us. Average high's this time of year are in the low-50's. There will also be a response off of the Great Lakes to that cold air with lake effect snow showers/flurries passing by at times Tuesday. Skies clear with winds dropping setting up a near record cold night Tuesday night with temperatures ranging from 5F at Rudyard to 22F at Ludington overnight.

The only concern through Wednesday will be focused on the Eastern U.P./Straits Wednesday late morning into the afternoon hours as a push of warmer air aloft moves in. That will lead to the development of a round of snow which will focus itself here Wednesday. We are only expected 2-4" of accumulation but it will come down at a good clip for a couple of hours Wednesday, again north of the Mackinac Bridge.

Things look quiet Easter weekend with moderating temperatures well into the 40's and by Easter Sunday, close to 50F.