Record lows obliterated early Friday morning

      A viewer sent us this picture of a thermometer in their backyard early Friday showing almost -34F below zero.

      One of the coldest nights in the past decade took over Northern Michigan with a -40F reported in Kalkaska County.

      Officially, Gaylord and Pellston broke record low temperatures early Friday. Pellston dipped to -33F at the airport shattering the old record of -22F set in 1963. Gaylord obliterated its old record by falling to -29F, a remarkable 17 degrees below the old record of -12F set in 2008.

      Dozens of viewers wrote in with temperature readings overnight with many reports down below -30F. Here are a few unofficial reports. Again, there certainly have been other spots just as cold if not colder, but these are ones that viewers emailed me or tweeted me @joecharlevoix on Twitter.

      Big Twin Lake (Kalkaska County): -40F

      Moorestown: -39F

      Gaylord Country Club: -36F

      South of Fife Lake: -34.5F

      Pellston: -34F

      Topinabee: -33F

      Meauwataka: -33F

      Between Higgins Lake and Grayling: -32

      Otsego Lake: -31F

      Grayling: -30F

      Wolverine: -24F

      Raber: -29F

      Williamsburg: -23F

      Alanson: -20F

      That -40F at Big Twin Lake is only 11 degrees from the all-time state record set back a little over 80 years ago on February 9th, 1934 at Vanderbilt when it dropped to -51F.

      Temperatures will improve, with highs climbing back into the 10-15F degree range above zero Friday afternoon thanks to a south wind. We will see a little snow Friday night with 2-3" possible in the Straits region with lighter amounts elsewhere. While not as cold as the numbers listed above, temperatures this weekend will remain below normal with highs into the teens.