Religious activities canceled for northern Michigan school district

Frankfort Elberta Public Schools will no longer be allowing religious activities.

BENZIE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- A northern Michigan public school district will no longer be allowing any kind of religious activities.

The decision comes after a high school student from Frankfort Elberta Area Schools recorded a prayer given by a reverend during the high school's annual holiday dinner and talent show last week.

The student, who we're told was upset because he or she is not Christian, then contacted the Michigan Association of Civil Rights who immediately contacted the school about the issue.

According to MACRA organized clergy-led prayer is prohibited at public school events.

"The prayer itself was clearly unconstitutional and the school knew that in advance which is why they acted immediately to respond to MACRA's complaint and state unequivocally that they would not allow this to happen again," said Mitch Kahle, Michigan Association of Civil Rights Association. "The school didn't even have to consult with an attorney. They already knew what they were doing was violating the law."

MACRA says they and the student were satisfied with the school's response and no more action will be taken in the matter.

We reached out to the school and the reverend who gave the prayer but we have not heard back.

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