Republican nomination fest draws thousands to Tampa

Whole neighborhoods are being blocked off because of the convention.

With the Republican National Convention underway in Tampa, the city is currently home away from home for thousands attending the big event.

Officials estimated that Tampa drew in more than 50,000 people for the GOP's largest event. The City of Tampa spent months in planning and preparation.

"I know the hotels are all packed," said Tampa resident Diana Cooper. "The restaurants and the catering companies are all busy so Iâ??m all for generating cash for the economy here."

While the RNC is expected to rake in millions for Tampa's economy, it's also causing inconvenience to residents.

"Itâ??s made it really tough to get off the island," said resident Jimmy Aulenti. "Traffic is everywhere. I donâ??t really think Tampa is the right place for a convention like this because itâ??s too small it doesnâ??t have the right infrastructure."

A headache it may be but some residents say they think people will like the city and return.

"Itâ??s a temporary inconvenience but I see a lot good for Tampa," said resident Tim Mark. "I think the delegates are going to find it to be a very nice town."

Visitors to Tampa include delegates, politicians, protesters and of course, members of the media.