Rescued animals on way to full recovery

23 dogs were rescued from a Montmorency County barn.

The twenty-three dogs and 6 miniature horses that were rescued from a Montmorency County home last week are on their way to a full recovery.

Pauline Hancock from the Elk Country Animal Shelter tells 7&4 News that the animals are settling in and beginning their care.

An additional fifteen animals were confiscated from the home, bringing the total animal count up to 37 animals.

The Montmorency Sheriff's Department said they plan on pursuing animal neglect charges for the owner of the animals. A warrant is expected this week.

The animals were found in a barn near Hillman. They were all living in unsanitary conditions with no bedding or water.

"There were puppies in a bucket, a closet, a Rubbermaid tub," Hancock explained. "They were just stashed everywhere."

She said many of the dogs had developed skin issues because they were being kept in small quarters with nowhere to move.

Hancock said the dogs were being fed big chunks of deer, which she presumed was road kill.

Only one of the animal's injuries was considered life threatening. A smaller dog suffered from severe hypothermia.

"He wasn't far from leaving us," Hancock said.

She said the puppy is now on it's way to a full recovery.

Other local animal shelters have been helping Elk Country with the animal's care. The animals are not available for adoption yet because the court has not made any rulings, as is standard practice in animal abuse cases.