Residents push for vote on fluoride issue

Residents need 558 registered voter signatures to get the fluoride issue on the November ballot.

Some Boyne City residents are taking action to get fluoride put back in their water.

Earlier this summer, city commissioners voted to stop adding it to the city water. Residents want it to go up for a vote.

"We have some people that are pleased with it and some people are unhappy with it," City Manager Michael Cain said. "The commission has bascially said on a couple of occaisons that they're satisfied with the decision as it stands right now, but we are willing to listen to the will of the people if they want to take it to a ballot issue."

The residents must collect 558 signatures of registered Boyne City voters to get the issue on the November ballot. They have until August 12th. In an attempt to get the signatures they need, "citizens for united dental health" is hosting a petition signing opening house on Monday, July 21, and Tuesday, July 22 at the Boyne District Library.