REVIBE: Can't get enough tricks of the trade

Dan Brady's Trick's of the Trade Products, Tools & Painting Tips

PiViTThe PERFECT tool to level your ladder inside and out. Works GREAT on hills, roofs and stairways.

GardzTake the PAIN out of wallpaper removal with Gardz primer. Gardz glues down damaged drywall which is common in the wallpaper removal process. Great primer to seal drywall after wallpaper has been removed.

Moisture MeterGreat tool to make sure your wood deck or siding is dry enough to paint. Don't guess use a moisture meter, if your wood surface is under 18% moisture content it's safe to paint.

Never Forget Your Room Color Again!Write the name, formula and where you bought the paint on the back of your light switch plate cover.

All tools/products are available at Northwood Paint: