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      REVIBE: Turn old cabinet doors into funky festive serving trays!

      This week Dan transformed old cabinet doors into functional and stylish serving trays that can become a tabletop centerpiece!

      DESIGNER DENINE??S ADVICE OF THE DAY:??Don??t think that you need to spend a lot of money to create a centerpiece, provide a contained surface for candles or own a cool serving tray. The charm and style come from you, and the basic surface starts with a cabinet door that you bought for a buck at Habitat ReStore!??

      DAN??S TRICK OF THE DAY:??ReVibe an old kitchen cabinet door and you??ll be opening doors to even more fun projects! It??s the perfect afternoon project for quick, stylish satisfaction and function!"

      Create a stylish serving tray in 5 easy steps:

      Prep:1. Clean with a heavy duty degreaser.2. Wipe down with liquid de glosser.3. Sand with a sanding sponge. ? Prime door.? Spray on desired color with spray paint or roll your paint with hot dog roller.? Make creative geometric design on middle panel using delicate Frogtape or DuckTape!? Add handles found at ReStore and you??re ready to entertain!

      The folks at Northwood Paint & Supply in Traverse City will be happy to help you pick out the perfect colors for your pain and craft needs! Call 231-947-8522 for more information!