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      REVIBE: Turn old cabinet doors into funky festive serving trays!

      This week Dan transformed old cabinet doors into functional and stylish serving trays that can become a tabletop centerpiece!

      DESIGNER DENINEâ??S ADVICE OF THE DAY:â??Donâ??t think that you need to spend a lot of money to create a centerpiece, provide a contained surface for candles or own a cool serving tray. The charm and style come from you, and the basic surface starts with a cabinet door that you bought for a buck at Habitat ReStore!â??

      DANâ??S TRICK OF THE DAY:â??ReVibe an old kitchen cabinet door and youâ??ll be opening doors to even more fun projects! Itâ??s the perfect afternoon project for quick, stylish satisfaction and function!"

      Create a stylish serving tray in 5 easy steps:

      Prep:1. Clean with a heavy duty degreaser.2. Wipe down with liquid de glosser.3. Sand with a sanding sponge. â?¢ Prime door.â?¢ Spray on desired color with spray paint or roll your paint with hot dog roller.â?¢ Make creative geometric design on middle panel using delicate Frogtape or DuckTape!â?¢ Add handles found at ReStore and youâ??re ready to entertain!

      The folks at Northwood Paint & Supply in Traverse City will be happy to help you pick out the perfect colors for your pain and craft needs! Call 231-947-8522 for more information!